• Commercial Leasing / Rent

    • Offices, Shops, showrooms,
    • Warehouse, Godawns, Restaurant Spaces
    Area Of Operation : Western, Suburb, Mumbai
    15421 Southwest 39th Terrace
  • Outright Proposals

    • Pre lease Property, Best Investment Property
    Area Of Operation : All Over Mumbai
    1200 Anastasia Avenue, Coral Gables


  • Honesty, Transparency, Courtesy & constant Learning is our core organizational value. We can not compromise with wrong practices.

    • Prabhash Kumar
    • Proprietor, Mumbai Leasing Services
  • This is to state that Mr Prabhash Kumar of Mumbai Leasing Services has done excellent job of contacting good owners with Right Buyers/Tenants. There are many estate agents, but Mr Prabhash Kumar is not any estate agent, he is estate consultant, a person worth knowing. I recommend him to all the people, who would like to have a sound sleep at night.

    • Mr Bhavik Purohit
    • Owner & Director, Gati Exports

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